Educational System

Primary Education

Kuwait is an Arab Gulf State where the dream is to provide ample free education for all children, regardless of gender, social class or special needs. The program comprises kindergarten, primary, intermediate and secondary schooling, followed by tertiary education which is free too. Following a period of pre-school orientation, gender separated primary schooling begins at age 5 and lasts for 5 years.

Middle Education

A period of 4 years of intermediate schooling follows during which time pupils adapt to a co-educational environment. Here they continue with a fixed academic curriculum, during the final phase of their compulsory school education.

Secondary Education

In Kuwait, voluntary but free secondary schooling lasts for 3 years. Students continue to follow the same curriculum though because their academic/technical decision must wait for the tertiary level.

Vocational Education

Vocational training opportunities are available throughout a Kuwaiti person’s adult life, through offerings by the state public authority for applied education and training. It is official policy that all citizens avail themselves of these opportunities, not only to meet demands for a skilled workforce but also for their own self-actualization.

Tertiary Education

There are 4 state-funded higher education institutions in Kuwait, namely Kuwait University, the College of Basic Education, and the Higher Institutes for Theater and the Music Arts.
Kuwait University was founded in 1966 as a co-educational institution and has grown to 12 faculties across 5 campuses. The Medical School enjoys a fine, internationally recognized reputation. Plans are well on hand to complete the new, ultra-modern University City by 2014.


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